Calderdale’s Energy Future & the Green Deal

Written in 2012, updated in 2013 and now re-posted. Sorry comments have been lost in the process.

Calderdale’s Energy Future (CEF) strategy expects householders to cut 25% of their carbon emissions by 2020, based on 2005 levels. To achieve this target, the Council will encourage households to buy in to the Green Deal.

This is despite the fact that even the government’s own advisers on the Climate Change Committee have calculated that the Green Deal won’t work, and recommend instead that the Big Six energy companies should pay for insulating homes across the country, on a street by street basis. Continue reading

Green Deal “a disappointing failure” says House of Commons Select Committee

The House of Commons Select Committee on Energy & Climate Change recently reported that the Green Deal has so far been a disappointing failure and its effects on reducing carbon emissions has been negligible.

The Green Deal, which got off to a slow start early in 2013 , expects householders to pay for reducing greenhouse gas pollution that comes from generating energy from fossil fuels. Continue reading

Calderdale Council tells DECC that Green Deal is “cause for concern”

A Calderdale Council Report on home energy conservation plans for the next two years is critical of the new Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation policy. It advocates “more equitable”, publicly-funded home insulation and other measures to help householders save energy and reduce their energy bills. Calderdale Council Cabinet approved and adopted the Report at its May 2013 meeting.
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DCarb Upper Calder Valley news June 2012

The DCarb meeting on 27th June mainly focussed on:

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