Former DECC secretary Chris Huhne goes from jail to bioenergy company

In a new spin on the revolving door, former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne has left jail and collected a job worth £100,000 a year with Zilkha Biomass Energy. Zilhka is a US company that ships wood pellets from America to Northern Europe.

Chris Huhne’s new job doesn’t cut much mustard with critics of the bioenergy industry.

Oliver Munnion, Campaigner for Biofuelwatch, said:

“Chris Huhne is being rewarded for his ardent support for the biomass industry during his time as Energy and Climate Change Secretary. He oversaw vast subsidies and other support mechanisms being put in place for bioenergy which have resulted in a rush for biomass that could see the UK’s demand for wood rise to 90 million tonnes a year – nine times the UK’s annual production.
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Calderdale Council tells DECC that Green Deal is “cause for concern”

A Calderdale Council Report on home energy conservation plans for the next two years is critical of the new Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation policy. It advocates “more equitable”, publicly-funded home insulation and other measures to help householders save energy and reduce their energy bills. Calderdale Council Cabinet approved and adopted the Report at its May 2013 meeting.
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