People’s Commission Report is whitewash – not what the public wanted, protesters tell Councillors

Before this evening’s Calderdale Council meeting on the People’s Commission Report,  two oddly assorted demonstrations took place on the Halifax Town Hall steps.

Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS campaigners huddled together with a placard proclaiming the People’s Commission as whitewash – not what the public wanted.

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Red herring award for People’s Commission Report

The so-called People’s Commission was meant to identify and present the views of the people of Calderdale about the kind of future NHS and social care in the area that will be best for us.

It has now published its Report, which Calderdale Council will discuss on 9th February at 6pm in Halifax Town Hall.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – so what does the Report propose?

The Report gets the Plain Speaker red herring award for misleading the public. Continue reading

Calderdale Council Scrutiny Panel steps up to a democratic investigation of NHS shake up plans

We have some good news, thanks to the 118 members of the public who signed Plain Speaker’s petition to the Scrutiny Panel, to the Scrutiny Panel themselves, and to Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS Campaign Group, Calderdale Trades Council and other members of the public who lobbied the Scrutiny Panel meetings. Continue reading

#Calderdale Council Scrutiny Officer takes Save our A&Es campaigners for mushrooms

Today (12th August) Calderdale Council Adults Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel (SP) will decide how to respond to the public petition that calls on the SP to:

  • Hold a formal enquiry into Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS providers’ proposals to close / downgrade one or both A&E departments in Halifax and Huddersfield and the associated NHS and social care reconfiguration proposals (“Right Care Right Time Right Place”)
  • Call in all 5 local NHS organisations to explain their proposals, their evidence base and how public, community groups’ and staff views have been sought, documented and used
  • Invite the public to take part and state their views

The Scrutiny Officer’s advice is that the SP should pass the buck to the so-called People’s Commission and refuse to act on the petition. Continue reading

“Lemming-like acceptance of untried ideas” at poorly attended health and social care Commission meeting

The Secretary of Calderdale NHS 38 Degrees Campaign Group reports on the first meeting of Calderdale Commission on health and social care on Tuesday 29th July, where she and two other members of the group handed over a paper copy of the 38 degrees submission.  This says that local hospital services are excellent and must stay in place.

There were three members of Calderdale NHS 38 Degrees and about 3 other members of the public at the meeting. It was a terrible turnout. Continue reading

Open Letter to #Calderdale Commission on health and social care

Dear Calderdale Council Commission on health and social care,

In response to your open request for submissions to your Commission, I’d like to explain why I won’t be submitting anything or taking part in Commission events.

This is not because I’m apathetic, but because I have no confidence that your Commission has the remit, powers or disinterested membership to successfully carry out its task of eliciting the public’s views on the important question of what kind of NHS and social care we want in Calderdale. Continue reading

Local hospital services are excellent and must stay in place, NHS Campaign Group tells Calderdale Commission

Plain Speaker is pleased to publish the Submission from the Calderdale 38 degrees NHS Campaign Group to the Calderdale Commission on health and social care.

Over the last 9 months, Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS has held honest discussions with  over 1500 Calderdale residents about the proposals for local NHS cuts and service changes.

This submission summarises their considered views. Continue reading

£20K Calderdale Commission on health and social care meets next week to decide what it’s doing

The first meeting of Calderdale Council’s People’s Commission on health and social care is on 29th July, 1.30- 3.30pm at Halifax Town Hall.

Calderdale Council is holding its “People’s Commission” in order to:

“lead an open consultation about future health and social care provision in Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield.”

But it starts out by holding its first meeting at a time when no working people will be able to attend, and without much clarity about what its controversial Chair’s terms of reference are. Continue reading

Use your clout and save our A&Es, campaigners tell Calderdale Scrutiny Panel

Calderdale Trades Council, Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS Campaign Group and members of the public are calling on Calderdale Council’s Adult Health and Scrutiny Panel to hold a formal inquiry into the hospital trust’s Strategic Outline Case proposals for shaking up NHS and social care.

They will be lobbying the Scrutiny Panel members at 5.30pm, before their 6.00pm meeting at Halifax Town Hall on Tuesday 1st July. Everyone is welcome to take part. Expect/bring ukeleles!

Please consider signing this petition to Scrutiny Panel members, which will be presented to the Scrutiny Panel on 1st July. Continue reading

Calderdale Council’s “People’s Commission” into future of health and social care lacks formal powers

Members of the public who attended recent “Right Care” drop in sessions reported that Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) supports Calderdale Council’s proposed “People’s Commission” into the future of health and social care in Calderdale.

Now Calderdale Council has followed up with a press release announcing the “People’s Commission” launch.

The Council’s “People’s Commission” seems to add another layer to local NHS organisations’ public “engagement’ and consultation about their ‘Right Care” proposals. These proposals aim to reduce costly acute and emergency hospital admissions and replace these hospital services with cheaper care health and social care in the community for patients with long term illnesses. Continue reading