Support for #Calderdale Save Our A&Es campaign from Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett recently visited the Upper Calder Valley and gave her support to the Calderdale and Huddersfield Save our A&Es campaign.

Natalie Bennett told Calderdale Green Party members that similar cuts in London were having a negative effect on services.

Calderdale Green Party is active in the campaign to keep both A&Es open, in the face of NHS Chiefs’ proposals to close one or both A&Es. Continue reading

Walk for the NHS invitation to Calderdale hospital staff and patients’ families

Yesterday organisers of Walk for the NHS  went to Calderdale Royal Hospital to hand out their flyers in public areas of the hospital, but were told by the duty manager Paula Rosbottom that they needed permission from the Communications Office to do so.

Before the duty manager told Walk for the NHS organisers and supporters to leave the hospital site, people were very happy to take the flyers and were keen to talk about how they value the hospital services and wish to make sure that they continue to provide excellent care for patients and their families. This is the aim of Walk for the NHS. Continue reading

Use your clout and save our A&Es, campaigners tell Calderdale Scrutiny Panel

Calderdale Trades Council, Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS Campaign Group and members of the public are calling on Calderdale Council’s Adult Health and Scrutiny Panel to hold a formal inquiry into the hospital trust’s Strategic Outline Case proposals for shaking up NHS and social care.

They will be lobbying the Scrutiny Panel members at 5.30pm, before their 6.00pm meeting at Halifax Town Hall on Tuesday 1st July. Everyone is welcome to take part. Expect/bring ukeleles!

Please consider signing this petition to Scrutiny Panel members, which will be presented to the Scrutiny Panel on 1st July. Continue reading

Fun Halifax Gala float makes a serious point- Save our A&Es

Thanks to a Save our A&Es float – carrying bandaged, bruised and bloodied youngsters with their parents dressed as nurses and doctors – and a Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS campaign stall at Halifax Gala today, thousands of people in Halifax have found out more about proposals for the NHS and social care shake up in Calderdale and Huddersfield. These could see one or both A&E departments in Halifax and Huddersfield downgraded to Minor Injuries Units. Continue reading

Closing our A&E is pie in the sky, say Halifax Gala ‘nurses’, ‘doctors’ and ‘patients’

The “Save our A&Es” Float for Halifax Gala tomorrow (14th June) is all sorted. Beds, blood, bandages, kids, doctors, nurses are all ready and raring to go.

But there’s still time to let organiser Gary Scott know if you’d like to come and help out (you don’t need to be on the float), and/or if your kids would like to join the others on the float. Continue reading

Report of “a fixed mindset whereby no other options are open to consideration” at drop-in on NHS plans

This report on the Mytholmroyd public drop-in session about the future of Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS is by Rosemary Hedges, Secretary of Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS. (For readers who don’t know about the proposed NHS “right care” shake up, there is some background info about the drop in here.) Continue reading

“Right Care” Mytholmroyd drop-in staff “trying to be as open and honest as possible, whilst maintaining the party line”

This report on the 2nd June Mytholmroyd drop in session on the proposed Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS shake-up comes from Dr Chris Day of Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS and Green Party member Gary Scott, who is organising the Save Our A&Es float at Halifax Gala on 14th June. A report by Rosemary Hedges, Secretary of Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS, will be posted shortly. Continue reading

999 Call for the NHS practice walk from Huddersfield to Dewsbury Sunday 1st June

If anyone fancies some practice to test out the route and timing for the Save Calderdale and Huddersfield A&Es side march to the main Call 999 for the NHS Jarrow – London march, you’re welcome to join Katherine Horner and her mum who will be walking the route from Huddersfield to Dewsbury on Sunday 1st June, starting from Huddersfield bus station at 11am.

Unfortunately Katherine has had to cancel the 27th May practice walk  from Calderdale Royal Hospital to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Katherine is organising the side march, to take place on 23rd and 24th August. It will start at Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax and go past Huddersfield and Dewsbury Hospitals to the outskirts of Wakefield, where the march will join the main 999 Call for the NHS Jarrow to London march. Continue reading

College of Emergency Medicine finds A&E patients are not as stupid as NHS commissioners think

A&E patients are not as stupid as NHS commissioners think.

A review carried out by the College of Emergency Medicine has found that only 15% of over 3,000 patients who attended 12 A&E departments over a 24 hour period could have been treated in the community.

This gives the lie to NHS Commissioners’ view that people attending A&E unnecessarily are putting A&E departments under so much pressure that they often can’t see patients within four hours of admittance. Continue reading