Environmental justice and why it doesn’t exist

There is a lack of environmental justice in the UK. People living in the poorest neighbourhoods tend to be worst hit by environmental damage – for example, pollution. 82% of the cancer-causing chemicals emitted from large factories in England are from factories in the most deprived wards. And people in poorest areas don’t get a fair share of environmental benefits either, such as access to parks and open spaces.

Fuel poverty is high and rising, and the Big Six energy company pricing systems penalise people who can’t afford to use much electricity or gas – tariffs are high for low levels of consumption, and lower for higher levels of energy use. Continue reading

New report says companies must pay for their environmental impacts

The Stern Report on Climate Change, which formed the basis for the UK’s 2008 Climate Change Act, says that climate change is caused by companies’ avoiding paying for the costs of the damage their greenhouse gas pollution causes. This is called “externalising” costs – putting them outside the company, so that something or someone else – the environment, customers, the public or employees – have to pay for them.

A new report, Expect the Unexpected, by the accountancy firm KPMG says that companies are externalising all kinds of environmental costs, not just the costs of climate change caused by their greenhouse gas emissions. The environmental impacts of industries like farming and food, beverages, mining and so on are worsening, but companies are avoiding paying for the damage they cause.
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