Flood grants still available – deadline removed but funds limited so apply asap

Calderdale Council has now removed deadlines for people to apply for their flood grants.

This covers both the £500 Hardship grant for homeowners (including people who live on boats) and also  the business flood recovery grant for premises affected by the Boxing Day Floods.

The Repair and Renew grant is already deadline-free. Continue reading

Looking for natural flood management solutions on Langfield Common

Houses at the bottom of Langfield Common in Lumbutts were flooded with run off from the Common in the Christmas Day/Boxing Day floods.

With a resident whose house had been flooded, I recently went for a walk on Langfield Common to start looking at the potential for using natural flood alleviation measures, like those used in the Stroud Rural Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS). Continue reading

New £5K Flood Resilience & Resistance Grants for Communities, Home Owners & Businesses #hebdenrising

Calderdale Council has just launched a new repair and renew grant scheme, to provide grants of up to £5,000 to home owners, businesses and communities that were flooded. The grants are TO IMPLEMENT FLOOD RESISTANCE AND RESILIENCE MEASURES to minimise the impact of any future floods. They will NOT provide funding support for general repairs.

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£2,500 Calderdale Council grants for flood-hit businesses

Calderdale Council estimates that 1,250 businesses have been affected by the Boxing Day floods. These businesses can apply to the Council for financial support to help them get back on their feet.

Businesses that are eligible for the grant are small to medium enterprises, charities and other third sector organisations.

A grant of up to £2,500 per business is available to help them open up and start trading again after damage caused by the Boxing Day storm. The funding covers costs such as clean up equipment (generators, dehumidifiers, lighting, brushes etc), building and stock security, IT and electricity, temporary accommodation, specialist advice and marketing to keep customers informed. Continue reading

£500 flood hardship grant for households – including those who live on boats

If your home was flooded a one off payment of £500 per household is available. This includes people who live on a boat as their main accommodation and who were affected by the flooding.

The grant is to help support you with your recovery costs, e.g. repairs or paying for alternative accommodation.

Like other householders, boat dwellers are also entitled to the Council Tax suspension. Volunteers from the HB flood relief hub are visiting those living on boats and will pass this information on. Continue reading

The real story of the Calder Valley floods: restored communities and faith in humanity

One week on from devastating Boxing Day floods that swamped Calder Valley, the real story is that people galvanized together to save themselves and have been magnificently supported by a wide range of groups from all backgrounds, some of whom have travelled long distances to help.

Throughout Calder Valley, flood relief hubs sprang up immediately in the string of towns and villages, to match volunteer support with requests for help. Continue reading

Flood relief- where to go to offer/receive help & how to protect your health

This is the final update to this post summarising info about the volunteer-run flood relief effort across Calder Valley. I have been updating this post often, to try and keep information about what help is needed and being offered as current as possible. But now (8th Jan) things have changed so much since the initial amazing, volunteer- run emergency response that this is the last update I’ll be making to this post, although I’ll leave it up with material that’s still current after this date. Any new info I’ll post in individual posts. Most recent update: 12 noon Friday 8th Jan. Here is the Calderdale Council Flood FAQs page for info on Council flood relief
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Protecting homes from flood damage

The Environment Agency website has advice for households on:

The Environment Agency also has advice on preparing a flood plan for your business.

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