DCarb Upper Calder Valley news June 2012

The DCarb meeting on 27th June mainly focussed on:

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Calderdale Council Partnerships – including Environmental Partnerships

In the Calderdale Council section of the Who’s Who page, I’ve been trying to figure out what all the Council talk of partnerships means – particularly in terms of what environmental partnership means and how that bears on Calderdale’s Energy Future vision.

The Calderdale Council Partnerships Support Team has now kindly cleared up a lot of questions:

What are Calderdale Council partners?

Calderdale Council partners can refer to organisations and businesses where the Council has entered into a legal partnership with one or more bodies.  There is a wider definition which describes partners as those organisations, bodies or agencies where they and the Council have jointly agreed to work towards common aims.  Thus the wide definition would include all those local and regional organisations that the Council works with to deliver agreed objectives.
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Calderdale Council to set up new Energy Future panel & call for members

Who would you like to see on a new Calderdale Energy Future Panel?

Calderdale Council’s Partnership Support Team says that Calderdale Council is currently setting up a new Energy Future Panel, which is likely to replace the former Environment Partnership. The Calder Forward website will be updated with this information in due course. It will include a call for members of the new Calderdale Energy Future Panel

There’s some information about Calderdale Council Partnerships and the Environment Partnership here.