Growing Futures response to Hebden Royd Neighbourhood Plan consultation

Growing Futures (formerly Incredible Edible Mytholm) response to the Hebden Royd Neighbourhood Plan consultation.

Thank you for the invitation to respond to the Neighbourhood Plan consultation.

These are the principles and issues that Incredible Edible Mytholm would like to see foregrounded in the Hebden Royd Neighbourhood Plan: Continue reading

Growing Futures- working for a healthy, affordable, sustainable food system in Calderdale

Growing Futures (formerly known as Incredible Edible Mytholm) was pleased to be asked to take part in the Calderdale Assembly on Shaping Food Culture in Calderdale on October 8th. This was organised by the Calderdale Health and Wellbeing Board and the Growing Futures Chair and Secretary attended.

The Assembly focussed on the epidemic of obesity and diabetes that has resulted from our current dysfunctional food system. There was discussion of the need for an effective public health programme to tackle this epidemic. There was also a recognition that the current food system is destroying the environment and local food businesses as well as public health, and any solution to problems generated by our current food system will have to be far broader than a public health programme.

Growing Futures is working to help create a fair, affordable, sustainable food system in the Upper Calder Valley that will replace the current dysfunctional food system, although this is obviously a national and international problem as well as a local one. Continue reading

Hebden Royd Primary School children plant small orchard

On Monday 29th April, Hebden Royd Primary School gardening club planted 16 apple trees at the edge of their sports field on King Street.

Incredible Edible Mytholm and Incredible Farm in Walsden organised the tree planting. The trees were grafted and grown on the farm, so they are ideal for the Upper Calder Valley climate. Mrs June Evans, a Hebden Royd Primary School teacher who runs the gardening club, helped the children with the planting, along with some parents and Nick Green, Helena Cook and Mike Smith from Incredible Farm.
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Straw Works at Growing Futures Field Day

Myra James, Incredible Edible Mytholm management committee member, muses on Barbara Jones’ straw bale building talk.

This doesn’t claim to be a summary of the excellent, informative and inspiring talk given by Barbara Jones of Straw Works at Incredible Edible Mytholm’s Field Day, just some of my own musings based on what I can remember, assisted by a few scribbled notes.
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Growing Futures – inspired by Bradford’s Newlands Community Association Business Park

One of the interesting things about working on IncredibleEdible Mytholm’s Growing Futures project is the way that people keep coming up with useful ideas.

The latest example is a suggestion that IncredibleEdible Mytholm look at what Tony Holditch and the Newlands Community Association have done at the Inspire Business Park in Bradford.
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Hebden Bridge retailers favour Growing Futures proposals

Most town centre businesses who responded to a Hebden Bridge Retailers’ survey take a positive view of IncredibleEdible Mytholm’s proposed Growing Futures sustainable, community-owned food business on the Mytholm Works site. Comments from town centre businesses include, “Looks great,” “ A fantastic idea, especially the hotel that will attract more visitors,” “…a visitor centre would help focus the interest..,” “Excellent stuff, much preferable to the supermarket/hotel proposal.” “Brilliant!Continue reading

Everybody’s welcome at Growing Futures Field Day, Easter Saturday, March 30th

IncredibleEdible Mytholm’s Growing Futures Field Day

Easter Saturday, March 30th
Midday to 5pm,  Hebden Bridge Town Hall (Waterside Hall & Courtyard)

Fancy a Spring celebration? (Spring? Yes, it has to come soon!)

Then come along to Hebden Bridge Town Hall (please note new venue) for the launch of IncredibleEdible Mytholm’s exciting ideas for a community-owned, sustainable food business on the brownfield Mytholm Works site. We are calling this proposed business Growing Futures.

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New batch of Growing Futures site plans and drawings

Incredible Edible Mytholm’s NIck Green has just emailed a new set of site plans and drawings for the cooperative Growing Futures project which IEM is planning. Incredible Edible Mytholm hopes you will let them know what you think – please use the reply box at the bottom of this post, or the contact form.
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