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Incredible Edible Mytholm had a stall last Saturday in St George’s Square, to chat to people about our proposals for an eco-attraction on Browns Field/Mytholm Works brownfield site. We carried out some market research, to find out if people would visit the eco attraction, and collected signatures in support of the project.
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Unanimous vote for Incredible Edible Mytholm’s business plan

Incredible Edible Mytholm (IEM) Members voted yesterday on proposals from the management committee, worked up over the summer thanks to financial support from the Plunkett Foundation and the Community Fund For Calderdale.

Members voted unanimously to give their broad endorsement to the outline business plan, as presented, and to endorse the establishment of Green Food Adventures as a community benefit society, with a development trust as an add-on feature of the society.
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Reject speculative planning application’s retail impact statement!

The former Mytholm Works site is too important to be kicked around in a speculative planning application aimed solely at increasing the site owners’ profits by driving up the value of the land.

This is what Incredible Edible Mytholm has said in its objection to Belmont Homes’ retail impact statement (and its revisions) that estimates the effects a supermarket on King Street would have on local businesses.

Except no supermarket wants to open on King Street. The would-be developer’s retail impact statement confesses that no supermarket is associated with the planning application.
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Browns Field Plants – Offcumdens or Locals?

There’s an amazing list of plants native to the HX7 postcode area on the Natural History Museum site.

Why does it matter whether plants are locals or offcumdens? Aren’t they all one big flora family? Well yes, but research shows that indigenous trees support far more insects than imported ones. Maybe it’s the same with other plants too. That would be interesting to find out.

How many of the HX7 native plants can you find on the Browns Field/Mytholm Works site?
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Growing Futures

Growing Futures – A cooperative food growing and retail business that’s also an education centre, visitor attraction and eco-hotel.

This is Incredible Edible Mytholm’s vision. Their imagination is free-range, and their feet are on the ground.

Growing Futures will be much more than a great day out in Hebden Bridge. It will also be:

  • an innovative, sustainable food growing business that provides living wage jobs
  • an education and training resource for all ages – from three to 103 – that attracts sustainability students from far and wide
  • a retail market for local food producers
  • an innovative eco hotel, which also has glamping pods and yurts
  • a venue for eco-themed arts and music

Copyright Chris Sherwin

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Brown’s Site – Wild at Heart

How does Brown’s Site (the Mytholm Works site) contribute to the wellbeing of the community? Although some people characterise the site as an “eyesore”, many people in Mytholm talk about enjoying the way the field is home to a wide variety of wildlife- from bats, birds, bees and butterflies to deer. They also appreciate it as a green space that serves as a lung to help clear the air pollution created by traffic on Kings Road. Being close to the site provides a sense of wellbeing for the people who enjoy the wildlife and the breathing space.
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