Incredible Edible Mytholm – the beat goes on

At the meeting on 16th December, the management committee discussed a number of ideas about what to do, now that the Calderdale Planning Committee has approved the planning application for a supermarket and hotel on the Mytholm Works/Brown’s Field site.

The upshot is that we’ve decided to:

  • Continue with our plans and negotiate with the site owners with a view to buying the site – until and unless it becomes clear that there is in fact a supermarket and hotel that are going to develop the site.
  • Put together a broad pro-sustainable food campaign with other people/organisations, that takes on board the need to provide affordable food for all income groups in Hebden Bridge and to create jobs. These are the main concerns of the many people who are in favour of a supermarket on the site, so we need to address them. We will work out an action plan for this at the next management committee meeting on 6th January. In the meantime, if anyone’s interested in working on this campaign with Incredible Edible Mytholm, please contact us.
  • Continue with developing meanwhile projects on the Mytholm Works site

The next Members’ and Supporters’ meeting is on 10th February 2014, 7pm, Fox & Goose.  We can talk more about all this then.

4 thoughts on “Incredible Edible Mytholm – the beat goes on

    • We can put this idea to the Members’/Supporters’ meeting on 10th Feb, there could be some growers there who’d like to do that.

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