Reject speculative planning application’s retail impact statement!

The former Mytholm Works site is too important to be kicked around in a speculative planning application aimed solely at increasing the site owners’ profits by driving up the value of the land.

This is what Incredible Edible Mytholm has said in its objection to Belmont Homes’ retail impact statement (and its revisions) that estimates the effects a supermarket on King Street would have on local businesses.

Except no supermarket wants to open on King Street. The would-be developer’s retail impact statement confesses that no supermarket is associated with the planning application.

As a result, the retail impact statement is more like a work of speculative fiction than anything else.

Incredible Edible Mytholm urges the Planning Committee to reject the planning application, which has been deferred from last December so that Councillors could consider the retail impact statement.

According to the Council Planning Department, the earliest the retail impact statement will come to the planning committee is in October. Incredible Edible Mytholm has heard that Calderdale Council Planning Department intends to make sure there is public consultation on the retail impact statement before it comes to the planning committee.

IEM’s Acting Chair, Margaret Boyle, intends to speak at the planning committee to object to the retail impact statement/planning application.  Calder Ward Cllr Dave Young will also speak against the retail impact statement/planning application at the Planning Committee.

In contrast to the speculative supermarket and hotel planning application, which aims simply to increase the value of the site, Incredible Edible Mytholm considers that the former Mytholm Works site offers Hebden Bridge a useful opportunity to create closed loop
and permaculture sustainable food businesses that will contribute significantly to the National Planning Policy Framework aim of supporting developments that will help make the transition to a low carbon future.

What IEM's proposed sustainable, closed loop, permaculture businesses and eco hotel might look like - drawing by Ewan Tavendale

Working with Hebden Bridge Partnership’s Low Carbon Transition group, Incredible Edible Mytholm is intent on helping to achieve this significant planning goal for the Upper Calder Valley.

A member of the Calderdale Council Planning Department team said,

“Clearly the NPPF and policies in the Replacement Calderdale Unitary Development Plan seek to embed climate change adaptation/mitigation policies at the heart of planning decisions.”


Guardian/Accenture closed loop economy  infographic 

Guardian/Accenture closed loop economy infographic

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