Unanimous vote for Incredible Edible Mytholm’s business plan

Incredible Edible Mytholm (IEM) Members voted yesterday on proposals from the management committee, worked up over the summer thanks to financial support from the Plunkett Foundation and the Community Fund For Calderdale.

Members voted unanimously to give their broad endorsement to the outline business plan, as presented, and to endorse the establishment of Green Food Adventures as a community benefit society, with a development trust as an add-on feature of the society.

Development Trusts are organisations  that are:

  • community-based, -owned and -led
  • working for the economic, environmental and social regeneration of a defined area or community
  • independent but aiming to work with other private, voluntary and public sector organisations
  • self-sufficient or aiming for self-sufficiency, and not for private profit.

There is no set form of legal structure. The Green Food Adventures development trust will be registered as a community benefit society.

An example of a site-based Development Trust is Coin Street Community Builders in London.

Members of the public also attended the meeting. Out of interest, a vote was taken of their opinion as well. This was also unanimously in favour.

The meeting heard about the Meanwhile Observation Project on Brown’s Field and invited participation from anyone who’s interested.

How to get involved

All present were urged to get in touch about any skills they can offer IEM, or how they wish to be involved. A sign-up sheet was passed round where attendees recorded expertise and interests they have to offer. If you weren’t at the meeting but would like to be involved, please contact us with your email address, information on how you’d like to participate and what useful skills and experience you have

IEM Members voting unanimously at 30th September Meeting

Margaret Boyle, IEM Chair, said,

“The meeting went well. We had 21 people there, good discussion, and resolutions were carried unanimously.”

During the discussions, people raised a number of issues and ideas that the management committee will take away and discuss. Discussions will also be open to the public and IEM Members, via this website and the IEM Facebook page.

Next IEM Members’ meeting:  Monday 20th Jan 2014. Venue to be confirmed,

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