Anatomy of the NHS carve up – focus on telehealthcare

Here is how a private company goes about dismantling and profiteering from a much-loved public service, in five easy stages.

Pay for positive spin in a pro-market think tank report 

In 2010 Tunstall Healthcare was one of an assortment of private healthcare companies that funded a report on telehealthcare, ‘Healthcare Without Walls: A framework for delivering telehealth at scale’, written by the pro-privatisation think tank, 2020 Health.
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NHS land grab by private companies slices further into Calderdale

Calderdale NHS has stumbled further down the stealth privatisation road by awarding a 12 month, £364K contract for telehealth and telecare to Tunstall Healthcare, a company largely owned by vulture fund Charterhouse Capital Partners.

Private equity company Bridgepoint sold Tunstall to Charterhouse in 2008 for more than double the £225m it paid for it in 2005. Bridgepoint, which acquired Care UK  in early 2010 for £423m, retains a minority share in Tunstall.
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