Restore the Secretary of State for Health’s duty to provide a comprehensive health service

The 2012 Health and Social Care Act (HSCA) has opened the NHS back door to privatisation. The effect on senior managers of NHS hospitals is that, whether they like it or not:

“they are being forced to act more and more on the logic of private hospitals and commercial businesses. The first line of attack in this crusade has been to look for ways to duck out of providing services – such as A&E – which do not offer guaranteed returns.” (NHS SOS, p30)

Monitor, the national health market regulator, advises hospitals which are seeking Foundation Trust status, as required to by the HSCA, to cut back or close services that do not “contribute positively to the financial balance sheet”, such as A&E. (NHS SOS, p 30). Continue reading

Does Labour really plan to reverse NHS privatisation?

What exactly is the Labour Party’s position on safeguarding the NHS as a publicly owned service that provides universal health care free at the point of need?

This is going to be a crucial issue in the 2015 General Election.

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Anatomy of the NHS carve up – focus on telehealthcare

Here is how a private company goes about dismantling and profiteering from a much-loved public service, in five easy stages.

Pay for positive spin in a pro-market think tank report 

In 2010 Tunstall Healthcare was one of an assortment of private healthcare companies that funded a report on telehealthcare, ‘Healthcare Without Walls: A framework for delivering telehealth at scale’, written by the pro-privatisation think tank, 2020 Health.
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