Emergency Halifax A&E closure is increasingly likely

A couple of weeks ago, Calderdale and Kirklees Councillors chided the press for alarmism in reporting news that our hospital Trust had developed plans for emergency overnight closure of Halifax A&E.

But at the time, the Trust wasn’t letting anyone – Councillors or press – see the plan.

Now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the plan has been made public.

It says “it is increasingly likely” that circumstances will force the emergency closure of Halifax A&E. Continue reading

Anatomy of the NHS carve up – focus on telehealthcare

Here is how a private company goes about dismantling and profiteering from a much-loved public service, in five easy stages.

Pay for positive spin in a pro-market think tank report 

In 2010 Tunstall Healthcare was one of an assortment of private healthcare companies that funded a report on telehealthcare, ‘Healthcare Without Walls: A framework for delivering telehealth at scale’, written by the pro-privatisation think tank, 2020 Health.
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