Sunday 21st September – Lobby the Labour Party Conference to Save the NHS

999 Call For The NHS and Walk for the NHS  have both called for people to put pressure on all the political parties to adopt policies that will restore the NHS to its core founding principles and stop and reverse cuts and privatisation.

This is on the principle that no political party currently has policies that will stop the NHS cuts and sell offs. At the Trafalgar Square rally at the end of the Jarrow to London People’s March, Darlo mum Jo Adams said,

“The only people we can trust with the NHS is each other.”

On Sunday 21st September at 2.30pm, people are lobbying the Labour Party Conference in Manchester to Save the NHS. All are welcome to take part. Continue reading

Tales from Walk for the NHS – stop cuts and sell offs that hurt patients and staff

Walk for the NHS set off from Calderdale Royal Hospital on Friday 22nd August, arrived at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary around midday and after a rally in George Square Huddersfield,  carried on to Dewsbury District Hospital. We arrived in the early evening to a great welcome from Save Dewsbury Hospital campaigners, the GMB, and Mike Wood MP. Continue reading

Walk for the NHS on August 22nd and 23rd – Used by us, Owned by us, Loved by us. Now the NHS can only be saved by us.

Only Clowns Would Close Our A&Es, is the message from members of the public who are Walking for the NHS from Calderdale Royal Hospital to Pinderfields Hospital, via Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Dewsbury District Hospital on 22nd and 23rd August.

The aim of Walk for the NHS is to make all 3 NHS Trust Chiefs aware that the public will not accept any downgrading of services, loss of services or back door privatisation of our NHS.

Let alone their intention of preventing any public consultation on plans to shake up the NHS in Calderdale.

Walk for the NHS will join up with the national Call 999 for the NHS People’s March when both groups arrive at Pinderfields hospital at 3.30pm on Saturday 23rd August.

Everyone is welcome to join some or all of the Walk for the NHS feeder march on any of the stages. Continue reading

Walk for the NHS invitation to Calderdale hospital staff and patients’ families

Yesterday organisers of Walk for the NHS  went to Calderdale Royal Hospital to hand out their flyers in public areas of the hospital, but were told by the duty manager Paula Rosbottom that they needed permission from the Communications Office to do so.

Before the duty manager told Walk for the NHS organisers and supporters to leave the hospital site, people were very happy to take the flyers and were keen to talk about how they value the hospital services and wish to make sure that they continue to provide excellent care for patients and their families. This is the aim of Walk for the NHS. Continue reading