Big Hebden Bridge call for Yorkshire Water to stop grouse shooting on its land


Ban the Burn was one of 17 groups across Yorkshire that took part in Yorkshire Water Day of Action on 25th May, organised by StopThe Shoot.

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People queued up at the Ban the Burn stall in St George’s Square to sign petition  cards to Yorkshire Water’s Chief Executive Officer, saying they want an end to grouse shooting on the water company’s land. All 100 cards were signed in just over an hour. Continue reading

Ban the Burn, Treesponsibility and others call on Gove to ban burning of upland peatlands in England


Ban the Burn and Treesponsibility are among a group of charities, academics and local campaigners with a track record of working on peatland conservation, which has today written to Michael Gove urging him to implement a complete ban on the practice of burning on upland peatland habitats.

A ban is vital in order to protect carbon stores, wildlife, habitats and communities.

We have seen plenty of evidence of continued burning on protected peatland this year, despite the government’s introduction of a voluntary ban on burning.

The lack of compliance with the voluntary ban on burning is likely to worsen, thanks to Natural England’s recent ‘restoration burning’ position statement. Continue reading

Michael Gove and the facts about poverty in Britain

Michael Gove and the real picture of poverty in Britain

By Gill Main, University of York – republished from  The Conversation

Michael Gove’s recent suggestion that inadequate financial management skills among poor families are to blame for the increasing demand on food banks has, unsurprisingly, sparked an angry response. Critics feel the Conservative Party is out of touch with the pressures on ordinary families.
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Education Secretary’s “totalitarian behaviour…is a disgrace to democracy”

Here is the text of an open letter to the Prime Minister, from the people who organised the recent petition against Michael Gove’s attempt to force Calder High to become a Sponsored Academy. The letter draws the Prime Minister’s attention to the Education Department’s “totalitarian behaviour”, which the letter writers explain is “a disgrace to democracy.” The petition, signed by 345 local people, has been sent to the Education Secretary, Michael Gove.
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