Calder High escapes sponsored academy clutches

June Eaton, who organised the anti-sponsored academy petition to Education Secretary Michael Gove MP and a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron,  reports that yesterday (8th March) Calder High School sent parents a letter. The good news being, said June, that

there is no longer a requirement that the school becomes a sponsored academy.

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Education Secretary’s “totalitarian behaviour…is a disgrace to democracy”

Here is the text of an open letter to the Prime Minister, from the people who organised the recent petition against Michael Gove’s attempt to force Calder High to become a Sponsored Academy. The letter draws the Prime Minister’s attention to the Education Department’s “totalitarian behaviour”, which the letter writers explain is “a disgrace to democracy.” The petition, signed by 345 local people, has been sent to the Education Secretary, Michael Gove.
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Last chance to sign petition against forced academy status & Why Gove must go demo


The organiser of the petition against the forced academisation  of Calder High has asked for signed petitions to be returned to her by Monday 18th February. So this is a last-minute call for signatures! You can download and sign the petition here, and also find the address to send the petition to.

At this late date, it’s probably a good idea to email her to say the signed petition’s in the post, otherwise it’ll miss the deadline.