10 days before caredata grab of your confidential medical records, Government puts scheme on 6 month hold

Latest news update: Wahey! The Coalition government has put this massively flawed scheme on hold for 6 months. Let’s make sure this is a more productive and meaninglful pause than the one they called when they were finding it hard to get the Health and Social Care Act passed.

Before the news that the Government was putting this scheme on hold for six months, if you haven’t already opted out of the unconsented “caredata” collection of your personal confidential GP medical records, you had until 28th February to do this.

Unless you opt out (which is easy, and how to do it is outlined below), your personal confidential GP records will be automatically sent to a new Health and Social Care Information Centre database, without your consent, and regularly updated and linked to other personal confidential data from your visits to hospitals, clinics or social care organisations,
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NHS England plans to sell your personal confidential data – here’s how you can stop them from grabbing it

Patients only have until the end of February to opt out from having their personal confidential medical data extracted from GPs’ computers on a monthly basis, without their consent, and sent to a new national database called care.data.

Starting from March 2014, the Health & Social Care Act 2012 requires GPs to send each patient’s Personal Confidential Data (PCD) data to the care.data system without any prior consent – unless patients specifically opt out. It’s simple to opt out, as outlined below.

The care.data system is run by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), using software and services procured from ATOS, a private company.
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Strong links between deprivation, violence and A&E attendance in Calderdale

Recent data on A&E attendance show that deprivation and mental ill health are both strongly linked to high levels of A&E attendance.

So-called “austerity” economic policies have cut jobs and wages and introduced welfare reforms with adverse effects that have given rise to “grave concerns” among many South West Yorkshire Partnership Trust Foundation service users, carers and staff.

Data in Focus on Accident & Emergency, 3rd Dec 2013, by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (hscic) show that in each of the last 5 years, A&E attendance by people living in the most deprived 10% of areas is double the rate of those living in the least deprived 10%
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