10 days before caredata grab of your confidential medical records, Government puts scheme on 6 month hold

Latest news update: Wahey! The Coalition government has put this massively flawed scheme on hold for 6 months. Let’s make sure this is a more productive and meaninglful pause than the one they called when they were finding it hard to get the Health and Social Care Act passed.

Before the news that the Government was putting this scheme on hold for six months, if you haven’t already opted out of the unconsented “caredata” collection of your personal confidential GP medical records, you had until 28th February to do this.

Unless you opt out (which is easy, and how to do it is outlined below), your personal confidential GP records will be automatically sent to a new Health and Social Care Information Centre database, without your consent, and regularly updated and linked to other personal confidential data from your visits to hospitals, clinics or social care organisations,
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