Its our Councillors’ job to Save Calderdale & Kirklees NHS – please email them now

Save Calderdale Royal Hospital campaign is calling on Calderdale and Kirklees Councillors to do their job of protecting our local NHS from damage.

If you want your Councillors to do their job of protecting our local NHS, please consider getting in touch with them to tell them about this. On this webpage you’ll find template emails to send to Councillors as well as live links to Councillors’ email addresses.

Councillors have the power – and the duty to use that power – to:

  • tell the Clinical Commissioning Groups to formally consult the public NOW on the significant changes to Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS that they are carrying out
  • ask the Secretary of State to stop proposed changes that will damage our local NHS

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Save Calderdale Royal Hospital campaign: The threat to our A&E hasn’t gone away, whatever Craig Whittaker MP and Phillip Allott say

Save Calderdale Royal Hospital campaign is clear that Mr Allott’s and Mr Whittaker’s recent claims about the Calderdale NHS shake-up are misleading and ill-informed.

Katherine Horner, a Save Calderdale Royal Hospital campaigner, said:

“Its quite simple, we carry on with the Save Calderdale Royal Hospital campaign because the threat to our A&E hasn’t gone away.”

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Update on Save Calderdale Royal Hospital campaign at Calder Valley Morning Star benefit

Jenny Shepherd spoke about the Save Calderdale Royal Hospital campaign at the Morning Star benefit at Hebden Bridge Trades Club today. Here is her report.

Thanks to Pete Lazenby and John Mooney for asking me to talk about the Save Calderdale Royal Hospital campaign at today’s Hebden Bridge Trades Club benefit for the Morning Star.

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Labour Conference disallows resolution to restore the NHS

On Sunday 21st September, Save Calderdale Hospital and Huddersfield Keep Our NHS Public campaigners went to lobby the Labour Party Conference to adopt a resolution to restore the NHS.

But the Labour Conference Arrangements Committee ruled the resolution out of order and refused to allow it to be put to the Conference. Continue reading

Yorkshire Ambulance Service boss says work has stalled on implications of proposed A&E closure

Andrew Simpson, Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) Trust’s Head of A&E Operations for Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees, told a Calderdale Council “People’s Commission” meeting yesterday that Calderdale Royal Hospital is the destination of 95% of ambulance trips in Calderdale.

But in response to a question from a member of Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS campaign, he could not say if information had been collected about the extra number of ambulances and staff that would be needed if Halifax A&E closed – creating longer traveling times – and how much that would cost.

NHS Commissioners’ plans to make changes to community health and social care without public consultation have put both the Ambulance and the Hospitals Trusts on the back foot. Continue reading

Tales from Walk for the NHS – stop cuts and sell offs that hurt patients and staff

Walk for the NHS set off from Calderdale Royal Hospital on Friday 22nd August, arrived at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary around midday and after a rally in George Square Huddersfield,  carried on to Dewsbury District Hospital. We arrived in the early evening to a great welcome from Save Dewsbury Hospital campaigners, the GMB, and Mike Wood MP. Continue reading

#Calderdale Council Health Scrutiny Panel in private unscheduled meeting this evening

In response to a question from Plain Speaker, the Chair of Calderdale Council’s Adults Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel has confirmed that the Panel is to hold a private meeting on Monday 1st September at 6pm in Halifax Town Hall.

The meeting is not on the official Council calendar, nor on the printed sheet which was issued on 28 August listing amendments to committees for the period 1 September to 1 October.

Neither the Council’s Democratic Services Manager, other Councillors who are not on the Scrutiny Panel, nor the public had been told about it. Continue reading