Mytholm Works – a growing future

The current plannning application by Setbray Properties and Belmont Homes, for a hotel and supermarket on the Mytholm Works site, isn’t the only game in town.

A long term vision for affordable, sustainable food in Calderdale

IncredibleEdible Mytholm is currently applying for funding to cover the costs of commissioning a business plan, to find out about the economic viability of our ideas for a community-owned, not-for-profit sustainable food business on the site.

These are the brainchild of  Dr Nik Green, who last October took time out from managing the Incredible Farm market garden in Walsden to talk about his ideas for a community-owned development at Mytholm works that would provide a “farm gate” retail outlet for locally produced food, alongside a permaculture market garden,  an apprenticeship scheme for market gardeners, and an ecohotel and tourist attraction that could rival Cornwall’s Eden Project.

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100 jobs? Fact or fiction?

The upstairs room at Stubbing Wharf pub was full when Friends of Mytholm gathered at Sunday lunchtime to discuss the Belmont Homes and Setbray Properties proposal to build a car park, hotel and small supermarket on the Mytholm Works site, opposite the pub.

Friends of Mytholm meeting

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