A supermarket retail impact statement – But no supermarket

The developer’s long-delayed retail impact statement for a proposed supermarket on the Mytholm Works site comes clean about a fact that Incredible Edible Mytholm has all along strongly suspected – that no supermarket is associated with the planning application.

The site owner has had to reveal this, because to carry out the retail impact assessment, they have to say how much trading the proposed supermarket will carry out. But they don’t know, because there is no proposed supermarket.

So, without a supermarket lined up, the developers’ consultants have had to create two scenarios, one for a “Top 5” supermarket, and the other for a “discount” supermarket.

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Hebden Bridge retailers favour Growing Futures proposals

Most town centre businesses who responded to a Hebden Bridge Retailers’ survey take a positive view of IncredibleEdible Mytholm’s proposed Growing Futures sustainable, community-owned food business on the Mytholm Works site. Comments from town centre businesses include, “Looks great,” “ A fantastic idea, especially the hotel that will attract more visitors,” “…a visitor centre would help focus the interest..,” “Excellent stuff, much preferable to the supermarket/hotel proposal.” “Brilliant!Continue reading

Setbray/Belmont Homes wins deferral from Calderdale Council Planning Committee

Despite the Planning Officer’s recommendation to refuse the Setbray/Belmont Homes planning application for a supermarket, hotel and hydro power station on the Mytholm Works site, Calderdale Council Planning Committee yesterday voted to defer the application, in order to give the developers time to submit a retail impact assessment. The developers had refused to provide one when the Planning Officer had asked them for a retail impact assessment during pre-Planning Committee discussions.
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Hebden Royd Town Council in race to the bottom

Hebden Royd Town Council has voted (9-4 with one abstention) to support the Setbray/Belmont Homes planning application for a supermarket and hotel at the Mytholm Works site on King Street, Hebden Bridge – with the proviso that additional traffic safety measures should be a condition of approval.

In recommending that Calderdale Council’s planning committee approves this planning application, Hebden Royd Town Council has shown its low expectations for new employment in the town. If the development goes ahead, the supermarket and hotel would create mostly unskilled, minimum wage jobs – around 31 full time and 41 part time.
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Public questions Mytholm Works development plan

Chaired by Calderdale Councillor Janet Battye, a packed public meeting upstairs at the Stubbing Wharf pub fired questions about the proposed supermarket and hotel development to Calderdale planning officer Richard Seaman, architect Sam Deakin and the developers’ planning consultant Roger Lee.
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Mytholm Works – a growing future

The current plannning application by Setbray Properties and Belmont Homes, for a hotel and supermarket on the Mytholm Works site, isn’t the only game in town.

A long term vision for affordable, sustainable food in Calderdale

IncredibleEdible Mytholm is currently applying for funding to cover the costs of commissioning a business plan, to find out about the economic viability of our ideas for a community-owned, not-for-profit sustainable food business on the site.

These are the brainchild of  Dr Nik Green, who last October took time out from managing the Incredible Farm market garden in Walsden to talk about his ideas for a community-owned development at Mytholm works that would provide a “farm gate” retail outlet for locally produced food, alongside a permaculture market garden,  an apprenticeship scheme for market gardeners, and an ecohotel and tourist attraction that could rival Cornwall’s Eden Project.

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100 jobs? Fact or fiction?

The upstairs room at Stubbing Wharf pub was full when Friends of Mytholm gathered at Sunday lunchtime to discuss the Belmont Homes and Setbray Properties proposal to build a car park, hotel and small supermarket on the Mytholm Works site, opposite the pub.

Friends of Mytholm meeting

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