Developer’s Report on Proposed Mytholm Works Hydro Power Station doesn’t compute

The MDA Report on Proposed Water Turbine Facilities at the Mytholm Works site seems to lack basic information about the potential of the proposed installation. I can see no figure for the water flow which would enter the turbine. Without this figure, it’s impossible to calculate the potential output of a hydro electricity generator.

This means that there is no evidence to support the Report’s claims about the amount of electricity the proposed installation would generate. These claims are also very unclear, with the Report giving different figures for the power output – either 120-140kW, or 375kW.
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Community centres with energy!

Over 20 South Pennines community centre representatives enjoyed the “Community with Energy” event in Mythmolmroyd on 24th April, where they found out about a range of energy efficiency and renewable energy methods to make community centres greener and cheaper to run.

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Micro hydro for Sowerby Bridge? Update

Calderdale Community Energy is working with people in Sowerby Bridge to develop a potential micro hydro scheme.

Update 26th November 2012

Following the various comments on this story (see comments box, below), I asked Emma Appleton, the Carbon Partnership Officer for Calderdale MBC, if she could clarify the situation further. Emma recently emailed that,
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