Calderdale Council refuses to register Brown’s Field/Mytholm Works site as community asset

Calderdale Council has refused Incredible Edible Mytholm‘s nomination of the Mytholm Works site as a community asset. However, this has not deterred Incredible Edible Mytholm (IEM) from proceeding with their plans for Growing Futures.

If the nomination had been successful, this would have meant that if/when the owners of the site put it on the market, Calderdale Council would put the sale on hold for six months to allow Incredible Edible Mytholm time to set up a community-owned company, create a business plan and raise capital through a community share offer or similar means.

As it is, IEM will simply go ahead with preparing a business plan, in order to be prepared, should Setbray/Belmont Homes decide to put the site on the market.

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Developer’s Report on Proposed Mytholm Works Hydro Power Station doesn’t compute

The MDA Report on Proposed Water Turbine Facilities at the Mytholm Works site seems to lack basic information about the potential of the proposed installation. I can see no figure for the water flow which would enter the turbine. Without this figure, it’s impossible to calculate the potential output of a hydro electricity generator.

This means that there is no evidence to support the Report’s claims about the amount of electricity the proposed installation would generate. These claims are also very unclear, with the Report giving different figures for the power output – either 120-140kW, or 375kW.
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Why I hope Hebden Royd Town Council will advise against the Mytholm Works planning application

Tomorrow, 31st October, Hebden Royd Town Council will consider the planning application for a supermarket, hotel, parking and micro-hydro turbine on the Mytholm Works site. The meeting, which starts at 7.30pm in Hebden Royd Town Hall,  will decide how to advise Calderdale Council to deal with the planning application – whether to accept it or refuse it.
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