Energy Bill Revolution

The Energy Bill Revolution is a campaign to make energy bills affordable to all, through the UK government recycling carbon taxes into insulating people’s homes. This will make homes warmer so people have to use less energy to heat them. It would bring nine out of ten fuel-poor households out of fuel poverty, cut carbon emissions and create jobs.
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Still time for households to apply for an air source heat pump free survey

As previously reported, Blackshawhead Environmental Action Team (BEAT) has been working with British Gas to have heavily-discounted air source heat pumps (ASHPs) installed in local houses which are not connected to mains gas. Finn Jensen of BEAT says,

“The British Gas ASHP offer is not just for Blackshaw Head so if anyone else who is not on mains gas is interested we will forward that to British Gas.”

Extended deadline means there’s still time for a free survey

The deadline for the installation of an air source heat pump with a discount of around £10,000 has now been extended by the government to the end of March 2013. So if you’re off the gas mains and want a free survey of your house to see if it’s suitable and to get a quote for the discounted installation cost (usually around £5-6,000) please email with your phone number(s).
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Forget the Green Deal – demand an Energy Bill Revolution

The Energy Bill Revolution campaign is urging the government to use the money it gets from carbon taxes to make our homes super-energy efficient – driving down our energy bills forever. And also reducing household carbon emissions and the need for energy.

If you haven’t already signed the Energy Bill Revolution petition, you can do it here.
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Energy Bill Revolution Update


The Energy Bill Revolution team has emailed to say:

“153 MPs have shown their support for our campaign for warm homes and lower bills – making it the second most successful parliamentary motion that MPs have signed up to during this session of parliament. This is fantastic progress. Thank you for helping to make this happen!

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