Energy Bill Revolution Update

The Energy Bill Revolution team has emailed to say:

“153 MPs have shown their support for our campaign for warm homes and lower bills – making it the second most successful parliamentary motion that MPs have signed up to during this session of parliament. This is fantastic progress. Thank you for helping to make this happen!

We have also hit an exciting milestone this week, with more than 100 national organisations and companies now on board. This is the biggest fuel poverty alliance ever assembled! The strength and breadth of our alliance –  made up of leading children’s charities, environment groups, health and disability groups, unions, trade associations, consumer groups and big businesses – is a good reminder of the scale of the problems caused by living in cold homes. But it is also a reminder that so many groups now have a shared vision of how to solve them. To find out who’s on board, visit

Together, we are calling on the Government to use the money it gets from carbon taxes to make our homes super-energy efficient. This is the only permanent solution to drive down household energy bills and end fuel poverty. It could also quadruple carbon emission savings from households compared to the government’s new energy efficiency policies and create up to 200,000 more jobs – exactly what we need to support the UK’s economic recovery.

With your continued support, and our unstoppable alliance, we are working towards a united winter push. Don’t forget to ask your friends and networks to sign our petition, and you can also follow us on twitter and facebook using the links below. If you would like any flyers or posters to put in your shop, community  centre or local organisation, please email

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