Craig Whittaker MP must represent the 30K Calder Valley progressive voters who oppose the DUP

If you are one of the 29,798 people who voted for a progressive Parliamentary candidate on June 8th – and even if you’re not but live in the Calder Valley constituency – please consider signing this letter to Craig Whittaker MP. 

Please note that on Monday June 12th I collected the signatures and sent off the letter with the signatures.

Dear Craig Whittaker

I am dismayed that the leader of your party has decided to prop up her Government by allying with the DUP.

I would like to ask what concessions Mrs May is prepared to make to the DUP in return for their support?

The DUP opposes abortion in all cases apart from if the mother’s life is in imminent danger. They also oppose same-sex marriage and have climate change deniers and young-Earth creationists in their ranks.

I ask you to consider the fact that a majority of voters in Calder Valley supported parties that recognise and aim to reduce climate change, support women’s right to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy and support LGBTIQA rights. You now represent in Parliament all of us, as well as all of those who did not or could not vote.

I ask you to oppose any moves to restrict access to abortion, any lessening of LGBTIQA rights, any denial of climate science or any attempts to teach creationism in science lessons.


Jenny Shepherd,

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88 thoughts on “Craig Whittaker MP must represent the 30K Calder Valley progressive voters who oppose the DUP

  1. Agreed and signed. I also feel that is impossible for the present Conservative Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to be an honest broker in negotiating a return to a power-sharing administration at Stormont, at the same time as the Conservative government is dependent on one side in Northern Irish politics, the DUP, for its very existence.

  2. We are supposed to progressing not regressing, how can we let a coalition like this exist in the modern day and age. We can just sit about and let this happen, the Tories are showing their true colours.

  3. I am very concerned that the alliance with the DUP will have a severely detrimental effect on our community. Their homophobic values and ethics are not representative of our inclusive society. You have a duty to your constituents to take our thoughts and feelings forward or provide a statement with your rationale as to why you would not be prepared to act in our best interests. Thank you. Regards Moni

  4. Dear Craig,

    Your constituency includes a much higher proportion of LGBT people than many. As a lesbian, and a mother, I am concerned about what any alliance with the DUP means for me and my children. You are my MP, and your job is to represent all of your constituents. Please please do everything you can to ensure that my family is protected.

    Mari Greenfield.

  5. The desperation of this type of alliance demonstrates the lack of desire the conservatives have to represent the majority of voters in the UK. MPs are there to represent their electorate, please start to do so.

    Abi Bailey-Shaw

  6. Thanks for putting this together Jenny. Attributing the responsibility for the DUP decision to the leadership is important; this message leaves Craig Whittaker room to actually support our call without taking any of the blame. And now that he can see the tide numerically turning against him, perhaps he will be a bit emboldened to actually represent us, his constituents. Happy to join in signing this.

    • Thanks Sandra – for the purpose of sending to the MP – are you in Halifax or Calder Valley constituency these days?

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