Craig Whittaker MP must represent the 30K Calder Valley progressive voters who oppose the DUP

If you are one of the 29,798 people who voted for a progressive Parliamentary candidate on June 8th – and even if you’re not but live in the Calder Valley constituency – please consider signing this letter to Craig Whittaker MP. 

Please note that on Monday June 12th I collected the signatures and sent off the letter with the signatures. Continue reading

West Yorkshire Police say “no offences were committed” by Calderdale Conservatives in relation to 2015 General Election expenses

Calder Valley constituents have been trying to find out about progress with the West Yorkshire Police criminal investigation into an allegation of financial irregularity on the part of Calderdale Conservatives Association. The investigation, which related to Craig Whittaker’s 2015 General Election expenses, was launched a year ago in May 2016. Continue reading

Ask Craig Whitaker MP to support the Rio-UK Declaration

Stop Climate Chaos Rio Action is asking people to email their MP to support the Rio-UK Declaration – when I emailed Craig Whitaker, the Stop Climate Chaos website showed that he hasn’t yet done this.

Rio+20 is the global forum for countries to commit to new actions to reduce and adapt to climate change. OK, the original Rio Earth Summit hasn’t achieved what it needed to, but without it climate change would probably be worse than it is. It’s important not to give up on international cooperation and commitment.