Hebden Bridge GPs are reviewing urgent appointments process

The Hebden Bridge Group Practice manager has replied to patients who recently wrote to the practice manager and GPs with a complaint  that the only way to get an urgent GP appointment is to call 111.  After asking the 20 or so questions on their script, NHS 111 then sends a report to the GP surgery, which then decides if a doctor will call the patient or see them.

The letter explained that this is making people very cross and anxious as often they are people with ongoing health problems who know that they need to be seen at the GP surgery.

The Practice manager has replied that the GPs are currently reviewing their urgent care appointment processes and will be sure to take our views into account.

Urgent appointments letter HBGP 14.6.17

I shall write back thanking them for their reply and asking to be informed about the results of their review.

Update: This was resolved to the satisfaction of patients.


One thought on “Hebden Bridge GPs are reviewing urgent appointments process

  1. This happened to me 4 weeks ago, and My partner was asked to telephone 111 whilst in the GP practice at Hebden Bridge asking for some pain relief for me aftet a total hysterectomy!!

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