Questions for Calderdale & Huddersfield hospitals and community care consultation drop ins

Thanks to everyone who came up with ideas for questions they’d like the Clinical Commissioning Groups to answer at their forthcoming drop in sessions. The first drop in is today, May 28th, at Salendine Nook YMCA. The questions are on the leaflet, below, page 2.

If you’re going to a drop in and would like to print off the leaflet and take it with you, or even take extra copies to hand out to other people there, you are very welcome, that’s what they’re for.

To do print the leaflet, you can downloand and save both pages of the flyer as jpg files (the format they’re in already). Then open a new doc file (or whatever programme you use for word processing). Click on Insert and then click on choose (or similar option depending on the programme you’re using), then click on the jpg page 1. This will put it into your word processing doc. Repeat for jpg p 2. There may well be other better ways of doing this but this should work ok.

2 thoughts on “Questions for Calderdale & Huddersfield hospitals and community care consultation drop ins

  1. Good luck in your fight to save your A&E. We have been through the same process in North Kirklees. But both the Mid Yorks.hospitals NHS Trust and the NortH Kirklees CCG Governing Body refuse to recognize that they are ,by giving more and more contracts to private health providers,pushing through the coalition governments plans to fully privatise OUR NHS..

    • Thanks David. Agree that this is all part of the government’s plan to stealth-privatise the NHS. More info here, in my response to the “Right Care” public questionnaire, in case you’re interested.

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