Orgreave Mass Picnic and Festival (June 14th) seeks wholesome caterers

Orgreave Mass Picnic and Festival is happening on 14th June. They are looking for food collectives/coops that can provide wholesome food for the day. If you can do this, or would like to find out more, please contact  Bridget Bell, Tel: 01226 243502, email:

The Justice for Mineworkers Campaign (JMWC), which campaigns on behalf of all the sacked miners victimised in 84/85, is marking the 30th anniversary of the great miners’ strike with an Orgreave mass picnic & festival which takes place on Saturday 14th June 2014 with speakers, live music, theatre, children’s activities and refreshments. It will be a celebration of struggle and a celebration of continuing resistance.

Cabinet papers just released under the 30 year rule vindicate the National Union of Mineworkers by showing how the Thatcher government deliberately ran down the mining industry and politicised the police, in order to trash the organised labour movement. Just as the miners and their supporters said all along.

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