Support 20mph in all Calderdale residential areas

Myra James of Calderdale 20’s Plenty For Us has sent this info:

Calderdale Council has launched a consultation on three approaches to the development of 20mph speed limits:

  1. Introduce 20mph speed limits in all residential areas of Calderdale
  2. Introduce 20mph speed limits outside schools only
  3. Continue to introduce 20mph speed limits in selected areas based on numbers of casualties

The consultation remains open until 31st January and is available here.

“Total 20” – an idea whose time has come

The Council’s controlling Labour group favours option 1. This approach is known as “Total 20” and is being adopted by councils all over the country, including Manchester, Birmingham, City of London, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Lancaster, York, Brighton and many London Boroughs. There are now over 12m people living where a 20mph limit is agreed for most lit streets.

Much of this success is attributable to the efforts of the campaign group 20s Plenty For Us.

The idea of Total 20 is to introduce wide area 20mph limits, without physical calming measures such as humps and chicanes. This makes it extremely cost effective. Calderdale estimates the cost at £520k over four years. Introducing 20 limits outside schools only would cost less, about £325k, but would ignore other streets where children and vulnerable adults walk and cycle. Continuing the current approach of introducing 20mph zones based on casualty numbers could cost up to £1m.

While police would be expected to enforce the 20mph limits, far more important is the cultural change associated with Total 20, along the lines of changing attitudes to drink driving, wearing of seatbelts and smoking in public places. The aim is streets that are safe and comfortable for people to walk, cycle, shop, chat – just live, without the ever-present threat of speeding traffic. By making walking and cycling safer and more attractive options, Total 20 could shift more journeys to these modes and away from the motor car.

How to support Total 20

The benefits of Total 20 for road safety, health and the environment are so immense that it really is the only sensible option for Calderdale, and every other authority. See more on all of these benefits at 20s Plenty For Us.

Then you can register your support for 20mph in all Calderdale residential areas here.

This is, quite simply, an idea whose time has come.

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