Healthy blanket bog

The blanket bog on Walshaw Moor is very degraded and species-poor.

So here are photos of healthy blanket bog and some of its key plant species. This is how Walshaw Moor should be. It badly needs restoration. (If you’d like to do something about this, please support and/or get involved in the Ban the Burn! campaign.)

Healthy blanket bog, Peak District, winter

Carpet of healthy sphagnum


Cotton grass, west Pennine moors


Hare's Tail Cotton Grass- indicator species for deep peat

Cross leaved heath, South Cumbria


Bog asphodel, South Cumbria


Weird and wonderful sundew

Bog rosemary and cranberry growing together

What will it take to restore the Walshaw Moor blanket bog to a healthy, water-holding state with proper species diversity?

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