Public Calderdale Council Scrutiny Panel meeting about aftermath of floods

All members of the public are welcome to attend the next meeting of Calderdale Council’s Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel, on 26th July at 6pm in Todmorden Town Hall. The Calder Valley floods will be the only item on the agenda.

The purpose of the meeting

Steve Barnbrook,  Calderdale Council’s Scrutiny Support Officer, says,

“We felt it was important that the meeting be held in the Upper Valley rather than in Halifax Town Hall.

It isn’t the intention of the panel to look at the detail of what happened where and when during each flood – there are other statutory bodies who are charged with doing that – but rather to look at what is being done in the aftermath, particularly in terms of the impact on the local economy, community cohesion and issues around insurance etc. Like all scrutiny panel meetings, it will be held in public and I’m hoping it will be well-attended.”

Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel – what it does and who’s on it

Calderdale Council’s Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel looks into matters of local concern about the economy and environment. It makes recommendations to the Cabinet on economic and environmental policy, budget and service delivery. It also monitors the Cabinet’s decisions about the economy and environment, and can call a decision in for consideration and further recommendation.

The Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel members are:

Councillor David Hardy (Chair)

Councillor Ferman Ali (Member)

Councillor Scott Lloyd Benton (Member)

Councillor Peter Caffrey (Member)

Councillor Jenny Lynn (Member)

Councillor Richard Marshall MBE (Member)

Councillor Ann Martin (Member)

Immediate help available from Calderdale Council

Teams from the Council and volunteers are currently visiting households in the area affected by Monday’s flash flood, and in particular those where there are vulnerable people – to find out what help is needed. Cleaning materials mop, buckets and disinfectant, shovels etc are available from the Council on request.

Anyone who needs help or advice and who has not been contacted, should call the Council on 0845 245 7000.

New working group to look at how to reduce flood risk in Upper Calder Valley

Calderdale Council and the Environment Agency are proposing to set up a joint working group that will include British Waterways, Yorkshire Water and the local community, to look at the whole of Upper Calderdale and consider all the options for reducing the risk of flooding in the area.

The aim will be to gather information so that we can understand all the causes of flooding, and identify the broadest possible range of options to reduce the risk, as well as improve resilience.

Calderdale Council Cabinet – what it is and what it does

The Cabinet consists of the Council Leader and six Councillors appointed by the Council. The Cabinet has overall responsibility for the services which the Council provides, within the overall policies and budget agreed by the Council.

The Cabinet makes recommendations to the Council on major items of policy and on the annual budget and capital programme. The Council is responsible for considering and approving the Cabinet’s recommendations – or rejecting them.

The first half hour of each Cabinet session is open for public questions.

The Cabinet Members are:-

Tim Swift (Leader)

Bob Metcalfe (Cabinet Member – Adults, Health & Social Care)

Megan Swift (Cabinet Member – Children’s Social Care & Lead Member for Children’s Services)

Mrs Pauline Nash (Cabinet Member – Communities)

Barry Collins (Cabinet Member – Economy and Environment)

Ashley Evans (Cabinet Member – Education & Life Long Learning)

Bryan Smith (Cabinet Member – Performance & Resources)

Janet Battye (Deputy Leader)

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