Non-existent Sainsbury’s Local gets its alcohol licence

Calderdale Council Licensing Subcommittee has approved a licence for the sale of alcohol between 7am-11pm, 7 days a week at Sainsbury’s Local on Valley Road, Hebden Bridge, even though the store hasn’t yet got planning permission.

At the licence application hearing on 13th February, the solicitor representing Sainsbury’s said,

“If you took alcohol out of the store, the incremental impact is very significant. I’m virtually sure that Sainsbury’s Local wouldn’t open this store if it didn’t get the alcohol licence.”

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SOS Hebden Bridge calls for objections to Sainsbury’s planning application

SOS Hebden Bridge, variously named as Save Our Shops Hebden Bridge or Sod Off Sainsbury’s Hebden Bridge, is calling on people who don’t want to see a Sainsbury’s Local on the site of the old fire station on Valley Road to write letters asap to Calderdale Council Planning Committee, objecting to the Sainsbury’s planning application.

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Hebden Royd Town Council refuses to meet Sainsbury’s

Hebden Royd Town Council has unanimously passed Cllr Dave Young’s motion that the Council should refuse Sainsbury’s request for a meeting to discuss their proposal to build a Sainsbury’s Local on the old fire station site on Valley Road, and should instead invite Sainsbury’s to call a public meeting to discuss their proposals.
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Hebden Royd Town Council to decide on Sainsbury’s request for meeting

Hebden Royd Town Council meeting at 7.30pm on 8th January will hear of Sainsbury’s request to meet the Council, in order to discuss their plans to build a Sainsbury’s Local supermarket on the site of the former fire station on Valley Road.

The Town Council will consider this request for a meeting as part of Agenda Item 4 – Communications from the Mayor and Town Clerk. A number of Hebden Bridge people have also written to the Town Clerk about Sainsbury’s plan, and the Council will also hear their emails and letters.
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