Huddersfield GP support services office to close by May 2016 as result of privatisation

West Yorkshire Primary Care Support Service centres in Huddersfield, York (2 of them) and Doncaster are due to be closed next year when they’re privatised. This information has only become public through a document leaked to the press.

In a contract worth around £400m for up to ten years, the privatisation quango NHS England is handing corporate giant Capita the Primary Care Support Service (PCSS), that is based in 29 centres across England.

As it takes over the PCSS, Capita plans to close all but 3 PCSS centres and fire nearly 90% of PCSS staff.

The PCSS at Blue Beck House in York is due to close by end March 2016, and the PCSS at Broad Lea House in Huddersfield and the 2 PCSS centres in York and Doncaster are due to close by the end of May 2016. Continue reading