Judicial Review Into Downgrading Of Wythenshawe hospital – ruling in New Year

High Court Grants Permission For Challenge To Reduction Of Wythenshawe Hospital Services

Staff at Wythenshawe Hospital and their supporters from the wider community were given the green light to launch a legal challenge of the decision to downgrade the hospital and reduce the surgery services it provides.

The campaign group feels that the decision by the Committees In Common in the Healthier Together programme to choose Stepping Hill Hospital as the fourth specialist site in Greater Manchester was unlawful and instructed lawyers to investigate.

Healthier Together is the Greater Manchester equivalent of the Calderdale and Huddersfield Right Care Right Place Right Time hospital cuts scheme Continue reading

‘Healthier Together’ – Manchester campaigners slam ‘cost-driven cuts’ to emergency surgery

Just as it becomes public knowledge that Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group wants to do away with both Halifax and Huddersfield A&Es as we know them, Greater Manchester Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) has slammed Greater Manchester NHS bean counters’ decision to strip emergency surgery from Wythenshawe, Tameside, Wigan, Bolton, Bury Fairfield and North Manchester hospitals.

“Healthier Together” is Greater Manchester’s version of the Right Care Right Time Right Place hospital cuts and closures scheme that Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield NHS bean counters have been trying hard for over a year to foist off on us. Continue reading