Inspiration for proposed eco-hotel

Here are some possibilities for the proposed Ecohotel that Incredible Edible Mytholm would like to build on the Mytholm Works site, if the group is able to raise the money to buy the site and gain planning permission:

  • a biodiversity green wall
  • edible green screen  (mostly growing hops for use in a local brewery and kiwi fruit vines)
  • rainwater harvesting

(Just to clarify: the inspiration is the biodiversity green wall, edible green screen and rainwater harvesting – not the dreary 1990s-type building they’re adorning.)
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Strategy and Review Committee to find out how Town Council can nominate a community asset


The Hebden Royd Town Council Strategy and Review Committee Meeting on 23 October 2012 agreed that the Town Clerk would investigate the process for Hebden Royd Town Council to nominate a community asset to Calderdale Council for inclusion on the register/list of community assets, and bring the information to the next Strategy and Review Committee in December.


The Committee will then decide on making a recommendation about this to the next full Council meeting.

Registering Mytholm Works site as asset of community value

There have been positive responses to the post about developing the Mytholm Works site as a cooperative, intensive urban food production project. Nick Green, the Chair of Incredible Edible Growing Ltd commented,

“Sounds exciting for such a prominent site – community share offer, growing centre with architectural growhouse and an eco hotel and local food outlet.”

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