Science week meeting with Blackshaw Environmental Action Team 17th March

During Science Week Blackshaw Environmental Action Team (BEAT)  has a public meeting on Tuesday 17th March at Blackshaw Head Methodist Church, with two speakers:

Roger Munday will talk about Science and religious belief – conflict or common ground?

How can a rational, scientifically-literate person today sincerely believe in a supernatural, interactive God?

Continue reading is now doubling up donations to Blackshaw Environmental Action Team

On 14th October started doubling up donations to local community groups, including Blackshaw Environmental Action Team (BEAT).

They have £500,000 to give away and on top of your doubled up donation you
can Gift Aid your donation if you are a tax payer, which will add an extra 25% to your
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Blackshaw Environmental Action Team AGM, 9th October

The BEAT AGM and public meeting is at 7.30pm on 9th October at the Chapel (the Methodist Church in Blackshaw Head).
What should BEAT do in 2014?
All are welcome to come and discuss what BEAT should do in the coming year.  One option is to do more on energy conservation. Calderdale Council has suggested a partnership with BEAT and the Carbon Coop to apply to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for a minimum grant of £1 million to do insulation work of hard to treat houses (e.g. houses where the cavity wall cannot be insulated).

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