Grouse shooting: environmentally destructive big business

Grouse moor owners, supported by millions of pounds of taxpayer subsidies, brutally kill and maim a huge number of wild animals and leave vast swathes of precious peatland drained burnt dry and scarred with vehicle tracks. This is all so that unnaturally large populations of red grouse can be nurtured as live targets for ‘guns’. Here are some Animal Aid videos about the intensively-managed grouse moor on Walshaw Moor Estate above Hebden Bridge, ahead of the Inglorious 12th August.

Hebden Bridge resident Ros talks about the impact of having a moor that is intensively managed for grouse shooting near her home.

Hebden Bridge resident, Jenny, talks about the way that mismanagement of the protected Walshaw Moor estate damages blanket bog and contributes to flooding in the town.

Hebden Bridge resident and business owner Martin talks about the floods that hit the town and the whole of Calder Valley last winter.

Here are the google earth maps Ros spoke about in her video, showing intensification of heather burning on Walshaw Moor estate since Richard Bannister bought it and started stocking thousands of grouse for his shooting business.

Google earth Walshaw Moor 2002

Google earth Walshaw Moor 2002


Google earth Walshaw Moor 2015

Google earth Walshaw Moor 2015

12 thoughts on “Grouse shooting: environmentally destructive big business

  1. I’ll be there on Friday and will make the trip up onto the moors, I’ll be coming on the bus which comes into Hebden at about 9:50 so don’t all rush off!
    If I do miss the HB part though I’ll make my own way to Blake Dean, I’ll be walking back to Nelson afterwards which means I won’t be making the return journey to HB

      • Got home safe and well Jenny thanks.
        I’ll be keeping an eye on thread and if there is something that I can help with that fits well with my free time I’ll be there.
        there was a 3/4 page article in the Daily Mirror on the 12th (yesterday) which was quite good I thought, I’ve pinched it and put it here if you or anyone else would like to see it:
        I’ve hidden the article from public searches because it’s not something that I own so you will need the link to view.

  2. Thanks Jenny. Do you have any more info about the protest on 12/13th please? I looked online but couldn’t find anything other than the 9am start. Robin

  3. If anyone feels moved to do so,please sign the ‘ petition to Ban Driven Grouse shooting ‘.Just put those words in your search engine and it will come up.

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