All you need is love – come on a Valentine’s date with Calderdale Royal Hospital

As part of a nationwide Call 999 for the NHS Day of Action, Halifax mum Katherine Horner is inviting everyone to a Valentine’s Day NHS love in outside Calderdale Royal Hospital on the main Halifax to Huddersfield road from 10am to midday.

Please bring paper lovehearts and messages of support for Calderdale Royal Hospital NHS staff, who are struggling to keep patient care from suffering from the cuts and sell offs that have so badly destabilised our hospitals Trust.

Call 999 for the NHS said,

“In the face of government attacks on the NHS, we want to encourage everyone to show their love and support for the entire NHS; with protests, rallies and direct action around the country to demonstrate that we won’t let it be taken away from us.

In the run up to the election there’s a chance to make the NHS the centre of attention, to focus the media and political parties on it so they can’t avoid the hard truths about what they have done to it, and what is needed to fix and improve it.”

Last summer, Katherine Horner organised a feeder march from Calderdale Royal Hospital  to Pinderfields in Wakefield, to join up with the national Call 999 for the NHS Jarrow to London march.

Katherine said,

“Bring a paper heart with a message of support to NHS staff. It’s vital that our local services are not downgraded and we don’t lose A&E services and others. If anyone would like to say a few words please let me know.

Katherine has a new loud hailer so people can make themselves heard loud and clear.

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