Switching to a renewable energy supplier

Switching from fossil fuel-generated energy to electricity, heat and gas that are generated from renewable sources will reduce the carbon emissions from the energy used to run your home or other building

Switching to a renewable energy supplier is the easiest, cheapest and most pro-social way of using renewable energy.

The Which 2013 energy companies satisfaction survey ranked two renewable energy suppliers as the best energy companies, and two of the Big 6 electricity generators/suppliers as the worst.

Main renewable energy suppliers in the UK

These are Ecotricity, Good Energy and Green Energy UK.

Since 1 August 2013,  Ecotricity‘s fuel mix has gone to 100 per cent green electricity, for every unit of electricity that customers use, they now source a unit of 100 per cent green electricity. Ecotricity’s fuel mix for the last year ending in March 2013 was: 67.5% renewable. 32.5% All brown – 10.9% natural gas, 18.5% coal, 1.7% nuclear, 1.4% other.

Good energy: 100% renewable electricity

Green Energy:  Combined Heat and Power 79%,  Anaerobic Digestion 12%, Hydro 4%, Wind less than 1%, Solar 4%, Biomass less than 1%

Blackshaw Environmental Action Team partnership with Gren Energy

Blackshaw Environmental Action Team has a long-standing partnership with Green Energy UK. Blackshaw  Environmental Action Team said,

“This is an easy way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. The partnership BEAT has with Green Energy UK is the so-called Deep Green tariff where 100% of the electricity is from renewable sources.”

In case you want to sign up through BEAT, just use this Green Energy weblink or phone
0800 783 8851, and remember to say want to sign up though BEAT.
Or go to http://www.blackshawbeat.info/ and the second moving slide on the home page will tell you how to sign up through BEAT.

BEAT’s current arrangement with Green Energy UK is that new customers will get the first month of electricity for free.

Green Energy customers already signed up through BEAT’s previous arrangement will continue to receive 10% discount – the new offer only applies to new customers.

BEAT receives £25 for each new customer that signs up through BEAT, if new customers are still with Green Energy after 12 months.

It’s easy and needn’t cost more than fossil fuel energy

Most renewable suppliers will match the cost of the Yorkshire regional supplier for gas and electricity, npower. They will also match British Gas costs for gas. So renewable energy shouldn’t cost more than you’ve been already paying for  gas and electricity.

It helps bring renewable energy costs down for everyone

If you switch to a renewable energy supplier that invests money from your gas and electricity bills in more renewable energy generation, this will help reduce the cost of renewable energy for everyone, since the cost per unit of energy comes down as more is produced.

So you’re not just reducing your home or other building’s carbon emissions, you’re helping to make sure that more renewable energy will be generated, at a lower cost. Which makes it more competitive, so more people will use it. A virtuous circle.

Renewables obligation

The government’s Renewables Obligation requires all licensed electricity suppliers in the United Kingdom to source an increasing proportion of their energy from renewable sources. The graphic shows the proportion of the UK’s renewable energy that different energy companies supplied under the Renewables Obligation in 2011.

Energy companies’ supply of renewable energy

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