NHS financial regulator calls for accelerated NHS “reconfiguration” changes

Monitor has just told Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Trusts to “turbo charge” NHS reconfiguration programmes, such as the Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield Strategic Review.

Monitor is the NHS financial regulator responsible for making sure that Clinical Commissioning Groups and other organisations follow Health and Social Care Act 2012 competition regulations – ie put NHS services out to private tender.

The head of Monitor, David Bennett, used to be a senior partner in McKinsey, a global management consultancy company that has effectively determined  NHS policy – while making money from advising private health care companies how to conduct their business in the privatising NHS.

As a private company, McKinsey is exempt from Freedom of Information requests.

Monitor has just published its new 3 year strategy, 2014-17, calling for an acceleration of the NHS privatisation measures introduced by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Yesterday, Upper Calder Valley Plain Speaker published an article outlining the commercial interests behind the current wave of NHS “reconfigurations” that is rolling over England. The Calderdale and Huddersfield Strategic Review is just one of these proposed reconfigurations.

The Plain Speaker article omitted to mention that the head of Monitor, David Bennett, used to be a senior partner in McKinsey.

Social Investigations pointed out David Bennett’s 20 year history as a McKinsey senior partner, when it tweeted the article about Monitor’s new 3 year strategy.

One thought on “NHS financial regulator calls for accelerated NHS “reconfiguration” changes

  1. They need to accelerate so that it’s all done and dusted before the next election, then there will be very little anyone can do to change it. B***s!

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