Calderdale A&E – the party political debate hots up.

The likely imminent merger of Calderdale and Huddersfield A&E on a site in Huddersfield is a bone that the three main parties are all now worrying, but so far none of them has spit out any clear proposals about how to extract Calderdale NHS from the sorry mess it is in, as a result of:

Cllr Adam Wilkinson (Labour) submitted a motion on NHS Provision in Calderdale to Calderdale Council Meeting on 27 November 2013.  Tory and LibDem Councillors amended it considerably and passed the amendment. Cllr Wilkinson tweeted:

“Tories passed a factually inaccurate amendment of my NHS motion with Lib Dem support. Still glad to have raised the issue in council.”

Cllr Wilkinson’s motion and the Tory Councillors’ amendment (with Labour annotations about factual errors) are included in the following Storify collection.

This collection also covers what the Halifax Tories, Calderdale LibDems and the Calder Ward Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate have recently said online about the future of Calderdale A & E. Plus the UCV Plain Speaker report on public questions at the November meeting of Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body.

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