Common Agricultural Policy-a scam that benefits idle rich and doesn’t help working poor

Another day, another demonstration of how the system is ideologically rigged so the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Common Agricultural Policy subsidies take our public money, provided by ordinary tax-paying, working people, and hand it over it to millionaires, Dukes and our own Elizabeth Windsor aka The Queen. For what? For doing nothing and owning lots of land.

It all comes down to entitlement trading – an expression that says it all really.

BBC Panorama programme excerpt below is from last year – the CAP is currently undergoing reform. Or would be, if the UK and Germany would stop blocking the process.

Along with the German government, the UK government’s Environment Secretary Owen Paterson recently voted against EU reform proposals to cap the amount of CAP subsidy to €300,000  a year and to progressively reduce the amount per hectare for subsidies over €150,000. The result? The EU has put off making the decision, and UK fat cats grow more obese. Brilliant work, Mr Grind The Faces of the Poor Paterson.

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