Support campaign to place West Coast main line back in public ownership

Action For Rail together with the TUC Going to Work are campaigning to place the West Coast railway line in public ownership. They are asking people to write to their MP about this.

Action For Rail photo

The state has successfully run the East Coast main line as a public service for the last two years, following the failure of two private franchises. Now the West Coast franchise is in a mess and costing the taxpayer £40m.

Going to Work says:

The Department for Transport has announced a review into the details of the West Coast franchise and a further general review into the future of franchising. But the Secretary of State has made clear that public ownership will not even be considered as an option.

The government will be extending Virgin’s current franchise up to a year and then holding not one but two further franchise bidding rounds for West Coast, all in order to keep the service in private hands.”

They urge people to write to their MP supporting the West Coast mainline return to public ownership.