UK delegation to Rio+20 – government, NGOs, Unilever & Aviva

The ever-wonderful Otesha project is blogging about who’s who on the official UK delegation to Rio +20 (not hug-a-husky David Cameron, though).

In brief:

There is Non-Government Organisation (NGO) and Business representation on the delegation, something which has not previously happened at the The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Otesha Project blog asks:

” Is it good that Oxfam and WWF have close access to the delegation? Maybe, although it brings up interesting questions about how entrenched NGOs have become in the UN processes. Is it good that Unilever and Aviva do? I don’t think so…at the end of the day they are representing their shareholders… Because companies’ sole obligation to their shareholders is to turn a tidy profit.

And… if NGOs and Business get to have an official voice on the delegation… where the eff is the youth representation? Some of the other countries have official youth delegates, and rightly so. Because there are no other stakeholders who are going to be more affected by what happens here at Rio+20 than young people. Last night, we found out that any mention to a potential High Commissioner for Future Generations has been deleted from the text. This is not good enough. “

For the full list of our democratic representatives at Rio +20, see the blog.