Save Our NHS, Jobs, Services and Decent Welfare State – Demo 29th September

Calderdale Trades Council Will March to SAVE OUR NHS, Defend Jobs and Services, and Refuse Austerity in Manchester on Sunday 29 September
Supporters of the National Health Service and all those who want to defend jobs, services and a decent welfare state will be marching in Manchester to tell the Conservative Party Conference that we mean to Save Our NHS from cuts and stealth privatisation.

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#BMI Healthcare funds private #NHS policy seminars at #Tory and #Labour Conferences

Yesterday, Changing More Than Lightbulbs reported that private healthcare company BMI has funded a private, invitation-only NHS policy seminar at the LibDem conference. This led us to conclude that a vote for the LibDems was likely to be a vote sold to private healthcare companies.

Today, thanks to info from a CMTL contributor, we can report that BMI is also funding private, invitation-only NHS policy seminars at the Labour and Tory Conferences. So in the interests of fairness, it is only right to conclude that a vote for Labour or Tories will also be a vote sold to private healthcare companies.
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