Why did Craig Whittaker MP dodge today’s vote on repeal of Bedroom Tax?

Dr Eoin Clarke has tweeted a list of MPs who voted against the Labour motion to repeal the Bedroom Tax today. Although our MP Craig Whittaker voted in favour of the Bedroom Tax when it was first introduced, this time he’s not on the list.

Is the list wrong? Or did Mr Whittaker do a runner like Ian Duncan Smith, the minister responsible for the Bedroom Tax? Despite being an avowed Euro-sceptic, IDS took himself off to a meeting in Paris, avoiding the debate and the vote.

Where was Mr Whittaker? I tweeted him to find out. Update 14th Nov: Mr Whittaker has not replied – but another, full list of how all MPs voted (or didn’t vote) has come to light, with our MP among those who didn’t vote.
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